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This website is brought to you by a partnership between Focal Press and Ilex Press.

For over 75 years Focal Press (focalpress.com) has published books that support your creative goals. Our founder, Andor Kraszna-Krausz, established Focal in 1938 so you could have access to leading-edge expert knowledge, techniques, and tools that allow you to create without limitation. We strive to create exceptional, engaging, and practical content that helps you master your passion.

We are the leading publisher in the field of media technology, providing expert answers on photography and digital imaging, filmmaking and postproduction, audio and music technology, animation and gaming, media art and journalism, theatre, web and interactive design.

In 2012 we were acquired by the Taylor & Francis Group, and with our sister imprint Routledge, we offer a complete portfolio of products covering the theory and practice of media and the arts.

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The Ilex Press (ilex-press.com) has achieved an international reputation as a publisher of high quality illustrated reference books which cover all aspects of creativity and popular culture. The company was formed in January 2000 as a collaborative venture between the directors of The Ivy Press and Alastair Campbell. The Ilex Press list addresses the new creative needs which are constantly being unveiled by the fast moving pace of the modern media, digital technology and popular culture. Whether they address difficult practical and technical problems, or the natural desire for inspiration, wonder and fun, every Ilex book takes a clear, in-depth look at its chosen subject, opening doors for the reader, creating new perspectives and breathing fresh life into classic themes.

The fast moving field of digital photography has created the need for intensely practical handbooks and reference works for professional and amateur alike, and Ilex Photo answers that need with authoritative and exciting titles. All Ilex Press books are authored by leading exponents in their fields, edited by experts, and beautifully designed; whether they provide practical instruction, creative inspiration or informed analysis, they will earn a place on your bookshelf and repay you for years to come.

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